Lucky Taco Giveaway (!!!!)

Know what’s great? Tacos. Know what’s also great? Hartford.

Now that that’s cleared up, try your  luck and enter my giveaway for some tasty treats at Hartford’s awesome Lucky Taco truck.

Although I never rarely do blog giveaways, I was approached by the fine folks at Lucky Taco to give away a package of three free lunches at their food truck along with a selection of Muir Glen products. GUYS, TACOS! So I couldn’t decline because, tacos.

Chefs Dave and Erin Emmons of Lucky Taco Truck, voted Hartford’s Best Food Truck in 2013, have created a number of recipes using Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes and it’s time for you to follow their lead. The tomatoes are great, and, as a bonus, thrown in the giveaway with some other Muir Glen products.

If you’re unfamiliar with the truck’s offerings, they’ve got everything from funky twists on comforting Tex-Mex tacos to inventive ‘around the world’ variations.

ENTER TO WIN BY LEAVING A BLOG COMMENT: You must tell me 1) your favorite Lucky Taco on the menu OR 2) why tacos are the best food ever. 

Photo courtesy of Nick Caito for The Hartford Courant

My highlights:

-Island jerk pork: Slow roasted pork with spicy, truck made jerk seasoning and mango pico de gallo

-Shaved rib eye steak grilled with peppers, onions, and mild white cheddar

-Marinated portobella fajita

-Thai chicken taco with red curry peanut sauce topped with carrot, cabbage and cilantro slaw.

Take a look at the rest

Good luck!

  • PJ says:

    I’ma have to go with the old stand-by, “Stewed Chicken.” Call me boring (but don’t, really, because I’m sensitive), but tacos are made to be traditional, meaty, cheesy and spicy.

  • Mat says:

    Tacos are the best food because they taste great and everyone who eats them can’t take themselves too seriously, unless you’re a snob who somehow manages to eat them with a fork.

  • Joe Castagno says:

    I’d say tacos are the best food ever because they are among the most versatile foods ever. It really is the best combination of all parts of the food world combined into one. You can take any protein (chicken, steak, pork, seafood, shellfish, beef, tofu, etc), add as many or as little vegetables you want (lettuce, tom, corn, beans, peppers, pico de gallo, millions more), maybe add some form of rice, add whatever sauce you want (chipotle, mayo, salsa, hot sauce, sriracha, vinegar, ranch, anything really) and wrap it in either a soft shell if you want to pack it to the extreme then have it explode in your mouth, or use a hard shell for the added crunch and saltiness like eating a stuffed tortilla chip! What more could you ask for?

    Simple, yet as complex as you could ever imagine. Tasty and Crunchy O-word? No anagrams. Oh well. Love em!

  • Johanna says:

    The portobella fajita sounds AMAZEBALLS! trying to lessen the meat consumption in the new year.

  • Julia says:

    Lucky Taco is hands down my favorite food truck ever! They have an impressive selection of vegetarian options, and are so conscious about it that they make several soups with vegetable broth instead of chicken stock so the herbivores can warm up on a chilly day too.

    My favorite go-to order from Lucky Taco is two portobella fajita tacos, and one guacamole taco. The portobello tacos are incredibly flavorful, and so very satisfying because they are filled to the brim with mushrooms and veggies. I get the guacamole taco as a refreshing palate cleanser to have in between my two portobellos. Yes, I have a system. Don’t judge me. The salsa they serve with their tacos is incredibly fresh, to the point that you kind of just want to drink it out of the tiny cup instead of putting it on your food. Go, ahead. We’ve all done it at least once, right?

    I really can’t get enough of the Lucky Taco truck. They are truly a Bushnell Park gem.

  • Jon Root says:

    My favorite taco on the menu is the steak burrito with sour cream. They’re the best food because you get a bit off everything with a kick to add joy to your day. Also, despite the contradictory nature of the statement, it is unAmerican to dislike tacos.

  • Jason Black says:

    My favorite would have to be either the Pork Carnitas, or the Tasty Thai Chicken. Happily, you can always eat more than 1 taco.

  • Sandra C says:

    I had tacos for dinner tonight.
    I’ll have them again tomorrow night.
    I love tacos because they are simple. You build your own. You can use any type of protein. Your choice of veggies. Of cheese, Of toppings. And you can put avocado and guacamole on them.

  • Caitlin T. says:

    Tacos are the best food ever because you can eat them for any meal. I had a breakfast taco this morning with egg, avocado, asiago cheese and salsa in a whole wheat taco. And I wouldn’t say no to eating tacos for dinner tonight, too. More tacos!

  • Stefania says:

    Tacos are the best food ever because they are tasty, portable and you can put almost anything in them and they are still tasty. I’ve been wanting to try lucky taco but I don’t work downtown. This would be the perfect reason to get my a$$ down there!!!! Yay TACOS!!!!!

  • Pretty sure everything I’ve had out of that truck has been crazy delicious. Go LT! Carnitas or chorizo con papas are my fav.

  • Emily says:

    The marinated portobellos. Yum. But also I love the pork carnitas… Can I enter twice?

  • Caitlin says:

    Tacos are great because of how customizable they are! Seriously ANYTHING you are in the mood for, can be put into a taco! I had pumpkin tacos at Market Grille once – so cool.

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