I Brake for Cupcakes

Move out the WAY, New Haven…Cupcake trucks are no longer just a thing of the coast.

Yesterday, I caught word through the Twitter mill that there just might be a new kid on the block. Today I found out that the tweet-based rumors are true indeed! Hartford’s got a new treat truck in town- The Cupcake Brake. This sweet discovery is sure to lure us all into sugary indulgence (& possibly overdose), since we won’t have to wait months & months for New Haven’s mobile bakeshop to grace us with its presence.

Ok, here’s the scoop: Hartford’s truck is similar to its NH counterpart in some ways: the cupcakes are still frosted to order, but the Brake’s embellishments aren’t as glitzy as New Haven’s (so don’t go looking for edible gold & fleur de sol)…instead of fretting over fancy toppings, try one of the Brake’s mouthwatering cupcake fillings: Marshmallow, Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter, Boston Crème…ohhh my.

Almost as good as the custom cupcakes are their clever CT inspired names: Plain Twain, Mohegan Mocha, Charter Oak Chocolate, Colony Carrot, Yankee Lemon & more. Keep in mind- different flavors are available on different days.

Check out the website for their schedule, menu, FB/Twitter info & more: http://www.thecupcakebrake.com/

I love everything about Hartford to begin with but THIS just takes the (cup)cake…(har har)…Let me know if you successfully track down the truck before I do!

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