Hartfood Happy Hours: Destination Tisane

After work today, I visited Tisane Euro Asian Café in Hartford to check out their happy hour specials. As an eatery, Tisane is known to wear many hats- and does so quite successfully. It’s a teahouse, martini bar, café and restaurant rolled into one with an inviting ambiance and impressive menu of unique fusion cuisine.

So, if you’ve grown weary of the same bar bites and cheap drafts, check out the weekday happy hour specials at Tisane. Selected martinis and appetizers are $5 each from 4-6 on weekdays (with martinis 4-close on Mondays). My table ordered some savory treats from the happy hour menu, including fried calamari, brie fondue, and sweet & sour tofu, as well as a few entrees from the main menu. Each of these dishes had an interesting twist: the calamari blended with citrus marinated cucumbers and a smoked chili aioli, while the brie fondue was infused with mushroom and artichoke and served with garlic pita chips. The sweet & sour tofu (flash fried with kimchee and peanut crunch) was definitely more on the sweet side- still tasty but I found the sauce to be slightly overpowering. All in all, a very nice spread.

From the happy hour drink list, I tried the tangy plum sake martini which featured the perfect balance of plum sake, svedka berry, pineapple and cranberry.  It’s great to know that happy hour martini selections change weekly, as Tisane has an extensive cocktail list with signature tea infused “mar-tea-nis”- including creative elixirs with plum oolong, vanilla lemongrass and hibiscus teas. Since Tisane is a teahouse above all else, they have an amazing loose leaf tea list (actually an entire bible of teas), which deserves a post all to itself.

Overall, I’m impressed by the atmosphere and layout every time I visit Tisane. It’s rare to find a place where you can meet up with friends for a round of cocktails, quietly enjoy a book over tea/coffee, catch up on emails, or stop by for a delicious meal or dessert. It’s just a very comfortable & inviting setting, no matter what your mood or purpose happens to be. Tonight, some employees even ignited the small outdoor firepit- and its aroma filtered into the cafe to make the air smell like late October. Perfect.

So pay them a visit if you find yourself in the neighborhood- it’s worth checking out.

Menu, prices, and contact info available at: www.mytisane.com

  • Ashley says:

    We have to go back to sample more teas!! Great post Em :)

  • Emily B says:

    Yum! The plum sake matrini sounds pretty awesome! Emily, this is great and I look forward to more posts! Ashley, thank you for sending me the link, this made my day! I feel deprived in Virginia without hearing about food everyday, this will be my new fix! :)

  • scars says:

    You’ve done a splendid job summing up one of my top hartford restaurants! I miss Tisane!!

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